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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Music: Gary Soulz “Vibe”

In the beginning of the Summer Gary Soulz released "Figure This Out,” which involved a nostalgic story of old friends parting ways and into different directions over time.

Gary took a small hiatus, but with summer nearing an end he's back with a new release entitled "Vibe”; which stays in line with his narrative approach, only this time focused on a new attraction between him and a lover he's encountered.

Flexxington Don’s melodic production helps create the “vibe” and the elements that made the overall idea come into fruition along with vocalist Ashante Nicole who compliments the song throughout with the chorus.

With previous releases like "Figure This Out" and the Ye Ali assisted "My Luv" and now "Vibe" it's only right to wonder what else Gary Soulz has in store for all of us?  
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