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Monday, December 21, 2009

M-Eighty breaks the record for Longest Freestyle Rap

On Saturday, December 19, M-Eighty broke the record for Longest Freestyle Rap, recognized by Guinness World Records, after rhyming for nine hours, fifteen minutes and fifteen seconds.

The previous record holder was D.O., and Supernatural also reportedly rhymed for nine hours but was never recognized by Guinness World Records.

After breaking the record, M-Eighty spoke on the feat.

"Today was an amazing feat and a marvelous accomplishment for myself as an artist and as a person. Right here, right now I have something that no one can take away from me or try to discredit. I thank my many hip-hop inspirations and those who attended today's event for allowing me to conquer this goal. I feel like I have finally done something that even the people who hate me have no choice but to respect and congratulate and that is a rare and good feeling."

Advisors at the Guinness headquarters still must review the footage and check that the proper paperwork was submitted in order to officially crown M-Eighty the record holder.

According to a press release, M-Eighty is also helping Nigeria with this quest.

"M-Eighty's Guinness World Record breaking achievement has been fundamental in raising $30,000 in order to build a model secondary school in the Bodo River States of Nigeria," the statement reads.

In order to help with fund raising, donations can be made to
Story: HipHopDX

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