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Friday, September 2, 2016

JXL aka Sex the Rapper ( Holds Nothing Back in New Video “Time Is Money”

Rap artist once known as JXL, has evolved to Sex the Rapper and released a dope new video for the single “Time Is Money” ft. Dhan Dee. The story follows Sex The Rapper & Dhan Dee throughout the day, starting from just kicking it on the porch, infusing insane visual effects, giving you personal perspective around the notion that time is valuable. Sex The Rapper points out that time is often taken advantage of, just like money, people and relationships. Accompanied by Dhan Dee, the video creates a back and forth rattle of the duo in a crazed turnt up cypher making Milwaukee's famed Summerfest Festival their backdrop. Sex The Rapper finishes the video strong and circles back to where they started, on the front porch, after bringing the crowd into the scene. "Time is Money" reflects Sex The Rapper's sentiments to his career as an emcee; he's too valuable to be “slept on” when it comes to his creative genius. Nothing will halt Sex the Rapper from going beyond the illusions of time and money being obstacles on his journey toward success and better days.

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