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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Michigan's Best Kept Secret JP Thornewell Drops New Music: How To Live

Michigan native artist JP Thornewell is creating a major melodic lane for himself with new single “How to Live.” This song speaks to escaping regular life and being in the moment, yet exposing yourself to new experiences. JP’s cadence and bounce on the hook keeps you engaged to transition to the next verse, encouraging his “Cute lil bad b*$#h” to leave the boredom of the everyday acquaintances.

The mid slow tempo gives you a chance to rock with the beat, giving you a euphoric visual of living the experience JP’s painted.  The delayed echoes in the background carry the song, encompassing his life as an individual not following the in-crowd. Setting the scene for some alone time, JP gives his chic an opportunity to not only keep it real with him but understand his lifestyle and his heart.
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