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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lil Webbie on Meeting Boosie, Blowing $40K in a Strip Club, Disliking Fa...

The self-proclaimed "Savage" has had a successful run in the early 2000s with his hit songs, "Gimme That" featuring Bun B, "Bad B****" and "Independent." Now, during the rapper's sit-down with DJ Vlad, he talks about his recent album Savage Life 5, working with Snoop Dogg, how he began working with Boosie BadAzz and spending $40K in a strip club in one night.

Most may assume that Lil Webbie and Boosie may have crossed paths while growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisana, but he says it was unlikely since they lived in different parts, and their official meeting was set up by his label when he was 15. "He be in there with his click, I'll come in there with mine... and [as] time goes by [the] relationship [grew]."

As he exploded onto the rap scene, so did his pockets. So when fans doubted if he was ballin' while hanging out at a local strip club, he says he had to show them that he was still stacking and threw a large lump sum into the air. "[They were like] 'They ain't got no money, they ain't throwing no money," he said, "I done threw all my f****** money in that b****, that b**** [sic] about 40 racks in that b****."

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