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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The official BIZ MARKIE TRAILER: No Body Beats the Biz

If there was ever a Smithsonian dedicated exclusively to hip hop culture, Biz Markie would have his own section. The man named Marcel Theo Hall is known for more than just his light-hearted approach to rap and "Just A Friend:" Markie, for better or worse, was also responsible for the advent of getting samples cleared in popular music, forever changing its landscape.

Markie will now be the focus of a forthcoming documentary from the same minds who recently profiled Rakim. A series from James "Kraze" Billings, "Nobody Beats The Biz" is tailored to celebrate one of rap's most dynamic emcees. With commentary from the likes of Grand Daddy I.U., Maino, various longtime friends and more, the clip will attempt to provide a spotlight on Biz that not many people have seen before as well as touch on his 1988 debut album Goin' Off.

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