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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jacquees Talks Being the New Face of Cash Money Records - Fairly new Cash Money singer, Jacquees sat on the VladTV couch to discuss his joint mixtape Lost At Sea with Birdman, being inspired by 90's R&B singers, and getting a Holiday dubbed after him at a Chicago high school.

After a busy year, the 21-year-old says that there's more to come for him in the upcoming year, "I'm working on a joint mixtape now with Birdman and I'm doing my own album, which is done. I got so much music recorded." He said, "We probably gonna drop the project with me and Stunna probably this month or next month, but my album will definitely be next year."

Before dropping the mixtape, Jacquees leaked a few snippets from his records for his fans and tells us there's no surprise if his songs may sound like some hit records from the 90s', "Black Street, Jodeci, Boyz II Men, all [of] them [are] dope and whenever I'm in the studio or whenever I'm living life, I got that on." He tells us, "It inspired me to wanna make music like that because it feel[s] good."

While other artists are inspiring him, South Shore International College Prep High School named a holiday after the artist, showing that he's been inspiring others as well.

"They told me that i inspired a lot of the kids out there musically b because they see my story—how I came up—and it inspired them to keep going and to have dreams they can really follow and it can happen."

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