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Friday, September 25, 2015

Slim Jesus: Exclusive Interview on Dash Radio with ChehadeTheKing & DJ Base

Slim Jesus stops by Dash Radio for one of his first ever interviews, with ChehadeTheKing and DJ Base. He talks everything from the buzz on Slim Jesus and how fans thought he was dead to the guns in his music video, new single and Chief Keef.

0:50 // Buzz on the internet, who is Slim Jesus?
1:08 // DJ Base sharing his thoughts on Slim
1:44 // Disclaimers about guns in his videos
2:17 // When Slim Jesus started rapping (He's 18 yrs old)
3:18 // Fans thought he was deceased
4:18 // Chief Keef
5:08 // Is Slim Jesus big back home?
5:30 // Nobody messes with you until you're big
6:18 // People come and go in the Internet age
6:35 // New song
7:01 // Shout out to Syfy (Producer)
8:30 // Don't spam Slim Jesus
10:07 // Who he likes working with

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