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Friday, July 17, 2015

Trinidad James: Complex Stays in My Pockets Over Song Revenue - Trinidad James' hit single "All Gold Everything" got a second wave after Bruno Mars sampled it on his 2015 smash his "Uptown Funk," and the Atlanta rapper spoke to VladTV about getting to be a part of the track.

While he was open to speak about the process of Bruno reaching out to him, Trinidad James didn't want to speak fully on the financial part of the deal. When asked about a story on Complex that claimed the "Female$ Welcomed" rapper made $150,000 off the sample, Trinidad responded by saying, "Complex is always checking my pockets. They never know how much money I got."

The second half of the interview focused on Trinidad clarifying a comment he made during an interview with Buzzfeed where he said that labels are "preying on the young children" after he left Def Jam. After admitting that the statement sounds "intense," he added that record labels have always been looking for the youngest, hottest talent, and what happened with him is nothing new.

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