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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Detroit lyricist and Gifted & Talented, LLC. founder and CEO, JP ONE (short for Jackpot Tha Chosen One) presents the music video for "Human Nature", the new single from Fire & Brimstone, his new album featuring Boldy James, Chel Strong, Pierre Anthony, Nep Jennings, Street Pacino, Motivation, Gain Green, and Rail Fresh. The production on the first installment of a trilogy set to be released this year is largely handled by his personal DJ/Producer, Pig Pen, but BJ Gates, Flamin Lacez, and SPC Productions also lend a hand. The clip for "Human Nature" comes on the heels of the video for "City Under Siege" featuring Boldy James (watch) as well as the first single "Win Or Lose" (watch). Following the death of his father at five months, JP spent most of his childhood in foster homes and juveniles. In his early teens, he was signed to Motown legend Barrett Strong's Blarritt Records, but soon after found himself facing a nine-year armed robbery conviction. He released a mixtape exactly four weeks after his release. Three years later, he has several mixtapes under his belt, including Gifted & Talented (listen on Audiomack) and I Am Legend (listen on Audiomack). 
He was recently nominated for Best Hip-Hop Artist at the Detroit Underground Hip-Hop Awards, while Gifted & Talented was nominated for best full-length project. "'Human Nature'" is all about how one aspect of life effects the next one," says JP. "I used a metaphorical story to tell the tale of how a father's decision to not be in his daughter's life leads to her making bad decisions with men. I hear a lot of stories of females whose moms' promiscuity lead to them being sexually assaulted and then being promiscuous themselves, so I wrote a song about it." Fire & Brimstone is out now on Gifted & Talented, LLC.
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