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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sean Love: "Successful Too"

Sean Love , based out of Jersey City, New Jersey is a hot new R&B artist throwing his hat in ring with his audio bio. "Successful Too". Sean Love jumps in head first by sharing with the audience the real about Where's he's been, Where's he's at and Where with a talent like his will surely be.

Out of the fiery furnace of the Jersey City streets arises a Phoenix of a talent in Sean Love.  From drug addicted parents, abandonment, and foster homes, “You’ll never make it out of Jersey City” was a phrase he commonly heard. As his struggle turn into anger and his need for self-survival more prominent than ever, Sean Love turned to the streets for relief and a sense of stability. For Sean, he finds himself blessed enough to say his life played out like a real life TV movie and in-between the street life, fights, fast money and regrettable run ins with the police he found music and found himself.  
After three years of mandatory but life saving time to reflect and reevaluate, Sean dug back to his church choir roots, joined forces with his longtime friends and started an the independent label Block Star Records.  Donning himself “Struggle” symbolizing his life, he performed at various local and out of state shows and concerts gaining a fast and loyal fan base. Even with a voice reminiscent of the soulful Jahiem and the presence of a juggernaut “Struggle’s “life seem to keep a stronghold to his namesake.

All gray clouds have silver linings and this story is no different, struggles don’t last forever and with the birth of his baby girl “Struggle” found Sean and Sean found Love. Now in 2015 Sean Love is Here, Now and more Focused than ever  jumping  in head  first with his Audio biography “Successful Too” sharing  the real about Where's he's been, Where's he's at and Where with a talent like his he will surely be.
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