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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


18-year-old New Jersey hiphop/space/experimental producer zayyaf presentsNorth Star, his new instrumental album featuring collaborations with DIVERSA & VKRVM. "The north star isn't the brightest star visible on the heavenly screen but it is the one star that is always found in the same exact location, no matter where you are looking from," zayyaf says. "Many who walked the earth long before us used the north star for direction, because it was something they could always pinpoint in the sea of stars. I created this album while searching for direction and encountered multiple layers of meaning behind the star. I felt as if I wasn't fulfilling my obligation to reflect the shine the stars had given me. How could I call myself a star child when I never look up; I realized that I needed to find inspiration in the stars. One of the greatest stars of all time in my eyes was 2Pac. 2Pac was a star that is no longer with us but when 2Pac died he became something even greater than a star; a supernova, meaning he will shine upon our world for centuries to come. There were many other stars throughout history that still shine through the heavens upon this world: Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Socrates, Biggie, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Prophet Muhammad, many ancient kings, pharaohs, people I know. A star is someone you can always look to no matter where you are in life. a true star will never die."
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