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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Video! Kindred the Family Soul | "Momma Said Clean Up" | Animated by Konee Rok

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Kindred the Family Soul | Momma Said Clean Up

 Video Written, Animated, Directed by
Konee Rok

Now in rotation on VH1Soul:  
The latest single from Kindred the Family Soul's album, A Couple of Friends.  Just in time for Mother's Day, click the link to see what happens when the Kindred kids race against Momma Aja's clean up clock - will the chores get done?

Song Written & Produced By

Aquil Dantzler
Diya Dantzler
Nina Dantzler
Vidal Davis, Jr.


Stay Tuned...
Momma Said Clean Up is just a teaser for an
upcoming Kindred/Konee Rok animated series!  

Can't Wait?
Head over to to purchase Book 1 of the Family Soul Stories: "Momma Said Clean Up" | Illustrated by Konee Rok

Thanks for watching!

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