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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gorilla Zoe Breaks Down How Hip-Hop Controls Pop Culture - Courtesy of Pe$o, VladTV offers this exclusive with Gorilla Zoe in which he speaks on how he fell into the rap game, the influence hip hop has on pop culture, his tatts and more.

Gorilla Zoe begins by explaining how his career as a rapper began, saying, "As crazy as it sounds, I didn't wake up one day and was like 'You know what, I want to be a rapper.'" The "Hood Figga" rapper goes on to share that he never "studied" the requirements to become a "dope artist." He then confides how he started making music.

Next, the discussion demonstrates Zoe's perception of the business behind Hip-Hop. Relying upon his wisdom built from his endeavors in retail allows the "Juice Box" rapper to best capitalize his approach to Hip-Hop. Understanding the importance of erecting a "grass-roots" following, Gorilla Zoe attests that that's what will help a rapper sustain longevity within the game.

Finally, the conversation delves into Hip-Hop's global impact on pop culture, which Zoe believes is huge. Check out the full clip to also see what Gorilla Zoe has to say about being recognized overseas, the meaning behind his tatts, and his upcoming project, 'Red Cup.'

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