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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remy Ma: I'm Not Worried About Female Rappers, I Go After Dudes - Bronx spitter and recently freed wordsmith Remy Ma sat down with DJ Superstar Jay where she broke down her history in the game, why she felt he need to hit the ground running and why she doesn't see other female rappers as a threat.
Remy was introduced to the game by the late Big Pun and came up alongside Fat Joe and Terror Squad. She featured on tracks like "Ante Up" with M.O.P. and "Lean Back" with her crew, The Terror Squad, as well as her own singles, "Conceited" and "Whateva."
The "Feel So Good" rapper also spoke of how she was able to hit the studio, do features and record her mixtape so quickly; saying she's had a lot of time to plan things out in her head and how she wants to get "white hot" again by working incredibly hard.
Rem also briefly spoke of her female competition, saying she doesn't see them as a threat because there are so few of them. She also wants to take out the male rappers who really give her a run for her money lyrically.

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