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Saturday, September 20, 2014


After collaborating with Trina on the strip club anthem "Stripper Ass, Model Face,” winning mtvU’s “Freshmen” contest, and being co-signed by the legendary DJ Kay Slay on SiriusXM’s Shade45 radio, rapper Ricky Rude can no longer be considered South Jersey’s best-kept secret. Ever since attracting industry attention with his punk-rock approach to hip-hop, his momentum has begun to build from a regional to a national level.
His latest single "So Immature”—which is accompanied by a video shot on location in Manhattan—highlights both Ricky's dark, perceptive youth and his willingness to build on his past as an artist and as a person. The record finds Ricky teaming up with his mentor, Scarface, to swap stories of addiction, promiscuity, and recklessness. A throwback beat lays the foundation upon which Ricky takes to the bars with regret and blunt honesty before landing on his hook: “Even when it rains I still smile at the sky / Lookin' up like it's sunny."

Scarface takes the mic for the second verse to share an illustrative parable from his own past. His steady and consistent flow gives you the impression that this is a story he has told many times. It's a nice complement to Ricky's almost flippant attitude. It seems that while Ricky acknowledges that there is more to see, Scarface has already seen it all. Their contrasts in both style and mindset reveal themselves throughout the track, but both rappers arrive at the same final conclusion: Only God can judge them.

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