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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cassidy Recalls Jay Z Instigating Battle w/ Freeway - Cassidy shares the backstory to his classic battle with Freeway in this exclusive interview with VladTV.
Cassidy believes that he and Freeway's battle helped Battle Rap evolve due to his usage of consistent and hard-hitting punchlines that he displayed throughout their match. Before this, Cassidy doesn't feel as though people were battling with the intention of delivering hard-hitting continuous punchlines, and afterward everyone molded their style to add more damaging bars to their rounds.
He also shared the full story of how the battle with Freeway was heavily instigated by Jay Z. According to Cassidy, Jay was "talking crazy" about how he couldn't beat anyone from his camp. This only fueled Cassidy's desire to prove his lyrical skills, and he wound up issuing a challenge to battle anyone that Jay Z put in front of him. Cassidy admitted that he was surprised when Freeway was elected to face him, because he never thought of him as a battler, and that's why he was able to dissemble him with ease.
He concluded by praising Battle Rap for being a part of Hip-Hop where true lyricism is displayed, and also talk about how the battles offer so much preparation time as opposed to his days coming up where you had to have bars ready on the spot.

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