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Thursday, August 28, 2014

VladTV's True Hip Hop Stories, Starring: Lil Boosie & Webbie - This installment of the second season of VladTV's True Hip Hop Stories brings you a tale about a wild night with Webbie, as told by good friend Lil Boosie. The "Show the World" rapper says he and Webbie were in Tennessee for a show, and while they were standing near a second-floor railing a guy from below yelled out that Webbie was a "p*ssy."

The "What I Do" rapper didn't take the insult lightly, and jumped from the balcony down onto the guy's Range Rover. Boosie and a security guard thought Webbie hurt himself after sliding off the wet SUV, but after seeing that he was alright they proceeded to beat up the loudmouthed guy.

Stay tuned to VladTV every Tuesday for the latest installment of our True Hip Hop Stories, featuring wild times from your favorite rappers.

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