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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lil Durk: One Conversation Could Solve Chief Keef Drama -Lil Durk got real with VladTV about being a symbol of hope for people in Chicago, explaining that you can tell how real an artist is being by the interviews they do. He also gives a warning to upcoming artists to not fall for scams or fake management, which Durk says "will try to knock you down." Instead, the Chicago rapper says to make relationships with the radio DJs and artists while citing Chance the Rapper as an example.

The conversation then turns to his relationship with Chief Keef and how he previously told VladTV that they weren't enemies or friends. He clears things up by saying he could be in a Twitter beef with someone and be on a song with them two weeks later, and adds that it was never that serious.

Durk ends the conversation by saying that the whole situation could be cleared up with one conversation, but admits they haven't talked in a while.

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