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Monday, June 23, 2014

Trick Trick’s Mob Reportedly Blocks Rick Ross From Playing Detroit

The Detroit rapper Trick Trick might not be a household name outside his hometown, but he’s infamous for busting heads at least as much as he is for rapping, and he’s rumored to have robbed more than a few rappers who have come through his hometown. The latest victim of his ire appears to be Rick Ross. Ross was scheduled to play the Summer Jamz concert, which the Detroit radio station Hot 107.5 threw at Chene Park Amphitheater on Saturday night. But when Ross tried to enter the venue, a group of people, reportedly led by Trick Trick, refused to let him enter. He never made it inside.
As Billboard points out, Jay Hicks, the station’s program director, has talked to HipHopDX about it, claiming that the mob was very clear about keeping Ross out: “I’m going to be real with y’all. I’m going to be real as fuck. We had Rick Ross right outside here tonight. At about 11:00, when he was pulling up to come into Chene Park, he was met by 100 individuals outside. We have tried to pull every resource together and asked him to come back. He is in fear of his life.”
Not surprisingly, Ross tells a different story. On Twitter Saturday night, Ross wrote, “Luv #Detroit I wuz ready to killm 2nite,heard it wuz a peace protest wit picket signs and locked gates haa.”
In a statement to Billboard, Trick Trick’s management didn’t exactly deny the allegations, referring the magazine to Trick Trick’s song “No Fly Zone,” on which he says, “I’m just a phone call away / Come in without permission, I won’t hear shit you got to say.” Here’s the statement: “To all those who want to know what the No Fly Zone is please go to 1:17 on this video and quote me there.” And here’s the video:
For some seriously goonish rap-nerd entertainment, do some googling about Trick Trick’s past conflicts; the Yung Berg story is the best one.
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