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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Schoolboy Q: “We don’t do mixtapes,”

During an interview with, Schoolboy Q talks about being on a major label and others ways to make some big change.

“I already did wrong by signing a rap contract,” ScHoolboy Q says. “I’m not talking about TDE, but how we ventured off with the majors. I wish we would have still stayed indie. I don’t care about being on like 100 radios or shit like that. I love Interscope, but I wish I could have just stayed with TDE.”

“We don’t do mixtapes,” he says. "We don’t put mixtapes out. Everything we drop is an album– we don’t play that mixtape game. We put all our time and effort into one project, to make it great instead of just doing songs for a tape. That means you’re not focused on your album.”

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