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Friday, January 31, 2014

Tahiry on Joe Budden's Proposal: Love Isn't Enough - "Love & Hip Hop" star Tahiry Jose opens up about her longtime on/off boyfriend Joe Budden proposing to her on the show. She explains why she "had to do what's right for me," and shares why she ultimately turned down his proposal, despite having dreams of getting married her whole life.

When asked if things would've been different if Joe had proposed in private, Tahiry said that it's not about it being public or private, because the "work in between" hadn't been done. She then reveals that she and Joe weren't talking at the time of his proposal, adding that he was seeing other women just a few months before.

Tahiry also speaks about the legitimacy of the situation, explaining that the proposal wasn't done just for the show. The famed model adds that she's always portrayed her relationship with Joe in a truthful light while on "Love & Hip Hop."

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