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Friday, January 24, 2014

Saigon Addresses Lord Jamar's Gay Comments - In an interview with VladTV, Saigon speaks his mind on a few widely talked about topics. He begins by addressing Lord Jamar's view on the presence of homosexuality in the Hip-Hop culture. Saigon explains that he used to look down upon it, but now that he's older he couldn't care less. He clarifies that while he may not understand it, he doesn't have an issue with gay people engaging in various acts behind closed doors.

Saigon goes on to discuss the power, or lack thereof, that President Obama currently holds. He touches on Obamacare, and explains how America is "the gangsta of the world." Saigon believes that the United States always has money ready to spend on war, yet constantly claims to be struggling financially, so the priorities of the government are twisted.

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