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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kountry Rap Tunes Kartel

A collective by definition is a group of entities that share or are
motivated by at least one common interest. That common interest for
Nawd Entertainment is a passion for music and being a voice for the
people. Mr. BJ, Richie Rich and LB are that collective; each with a
distinct talent for Hip Hop and R&B that mesh so well, the choice to
come together was a given. Together, they’ve created an incomparable
sound that is appeasing to hip hop and soul making heads in multiple
markets with the release of their singles “You Know” and “Fresh out
tha Trap”. These artists have travelled across the South gaining
momentum and popularity from their home state of South Carolina where
they opened up for French Montana and Yo Gotti, to Atlanta, Charlotte
and Miami. With online features and live performances with
Coasts 2 Coast DJ’s, Core DJ’s and the Fleet DJ’s they get plenty of
love from the streets and DJ’s alike. Nawd Entertainment also known as
KRT Kartel (Kuntry Rap Tunes Kartel) are proving themselves a
collective force to be reckoned with.

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