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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chief Keef Gets 20 Days in Jail for Failing Drug Test

TMZ reported that after turning himself in to Cook County police earlier today, October 15th, Chief Keef was sentenced to spend the next 20 days behind bars for coming up positive on a marijuana test.  He's been participating in random drug tests as one of the conditions of his probation which came as a result of a speeding ticket he was given back in May when Keef was caught driving at 110mph in an area where the limit was 55mph. 

Prior to entering the court house Chief Keef posted an Instagram picture of himself standing outside with the caption reading:
"Outside The Court House Turnin My Self In 😤😣 But F*** It I Got N****s Facin More Then That ! For Sh*t Like killin Police officers."
Apparently there is speculation that Keef will be released tomorrow due to overcrowding in the jail. 
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