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Monday, April 22, 2013

Scarface talks writing process, Rick Rubin, Geto Boys album, Mind Playing Tricks on Me Exclusive in-depth interview with Scarface backstage at Paid Dues. Facemob talks to Nick Huff Barili about his writing process and how the first words are the most important because they set the tone of the verse. Surprisingly, he admits that doesn't like listening to his own rhymes. Scarface talks about how the birth of his son in 1998 was a moment of clarity that helped him get a new perspective on life. As the interview continues Scarface addresses rumors that Rick Rubin originally didn't want him to be part of the Geto Boys. Facemob says that the only way he would record another Geto Boys album is if Rick Rubin produced the whole album, if not there will not be another Geto Boys album. Scarface confirms that Mind Playin Tricks On Me was his song and was supposed to be for his solo album but that it went to the group and that Willie D added his verse later on. The title was inspired from something his Grandmother said and the lyrics dealt with a lot of the paranoia caused by Scarface's heavy drug use. Scarface looks back at that time and is glad that he "got out of that shit because I don't ever want to go back in there. I was in a part of my brain that was spooky...I was in a real fucked up state of mind. To the point that I just wanted to die. "

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