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Monday, April 29, 2013

Scarface asks "Who stole the Soul?" Says Hip Hop is now a drive-through Exclusive in-depth interview with Scarface backstage at Paid Dues. Part 3 of our interview starts with Scarface asking why white contemporary singers sell more albums than their black counterparts. Scarface proceeds to say that he heard an executive at a tv network that deals with music say that they are now going to target the network for a young white audience. Facemob is concerned that the new generation doesn't know who Kool Herc is and soon wont know who people like KRS-One and himself are because they are being written out of Hip Hop history. "If you gave a fuck about this culture in any shape form or fashion you would not put the shit out that you put out. You would slam the door on artists that came in there with that shit!" Check out the interview for the rest of what Facemob has to say!

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  1. HipHop music nowadays are very common. People finds it very entertaining but for some old style they judge it very noisy especially singers that are black Americans this is due to racial discrimination that it continuously absorb in our culture till now. But for me they are great singers.

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