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Monday, March 11, 2013

Cash Money's Birdman and Lil Wayne to Release Teen Novel from Daughters Bria and Reginae

 "Paparazzi Princesses," the debut novel from Bria Williams and Reginae Carter, in stores June 4 from Cash Money Content books
                       "I'm very proud of these two lady bugs! Work it girls!"  - Nicki Minaj

                "'Proud' doesn't even begin to describe how me and the 'Birdman' feel. I can't wait for everybody else to experience their story."  - Lil Wayne

March 11, 2013 - New York, NY Bria Williams and Reginae Carter will make their literary debut with the release of "Paparazzi Princesses" on June 4, 2013 .
The 14-year-old daughters of Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan "Birdman" Williams aka "Baby" and Grammy Award-winning rap superstarDwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter, respectively, teamed up to pen this fictitious narrative of the adventures of two teen girls. The book is available throughCash Money Content books, the publishing arm of premier record label Cash Money Records.
These young women know the perks and disadvantages of being raised in the spotlight better than anybody, and they fashion their experiences into an engaging and heartfelt narrative. They may have seen what's behind the curtain at every red carpet event and backstage, but they're no different than any other girls their age.
Now, instead of relying on Instagram and Twitter as most of their peers do, their story is told in their new novel "Paparazzi Princess" through the characters of Kyla Jones and Promise Walker. On their journey to becoming their own women, the novel's main characters face their parent's high expectations, the pitfalls of being "unintentionally famous," and, most crucially, the trials and tribulations of
high school, homework, crushes, and friendship that everyone goes through. A collaboration with author Karyn Langhorne Folan,
it's bound to be a page-turner for teens and young adults everywhere.

About "Paparazzi Princesses," Birdman proudly exclaims, "There's no betterfeeling than watching Bria and Reginae make this dream come true. They took an idea, worked extremely hard, and brought it to life. It's the kind of story that everybody can feel, and it's only the start of much bigger things for these two wonderful young ladies."
Lil Wayne echoes his excitement, "I've got to be honest. It's inspiring to see what these girls have done. It wasn't easy, and they did it all by themselves. 'Proud' doesn't even begin to describe how me and the 'Birdman' feel. I can't wait for everybody else to experience their story."

Make way for the arrival of "Paparazzi Princesses."
Find Reginae Carter online at and on Twitter and on Facebook at Reginae-Carter. Find Bria Williams online at

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