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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dream to Reality | New hip hop single by young Maryland Artist

 Brey, a 17 year old rapper from Maryland, recently released a new music video called “Dream to Reality” off of his upcoming mixtape “Defy: Dream to Reality”.

 “Dream to Reality is an inside look at the last three years of my life. Its a testament too all of the hours and crazy all nighters I have put in. I had this vision of pain, but also of triumph when I wrote the record. It’s written from the eyes of a kid who is struggling to make the world listen. I knew that it had to be delivered with certain intensity – to get the idea across the way I envisioned. This record, really sets my upcoming mixtape Defy: Dream to Reality off – as it encompasses the entire theme of the tape. Turning what you have always dreamed of, into your reality.”

      More info about Brey:

          Brey, has been in the game for almost three years now, dropping tracks and growing the buzz in his area. He resides in Frederick, Maryland originally from Arizona. Brey is deeply influenced by artists like Kanye West, J. Cole, and legends like Nas, and Big L. One thing that really sets Brey apart is that he tries too break genre barriers. When not producing his own tracks – he selects beats with lush chord progressions and interesting drum patterns, breaking the typical beat mold. Typically, Brey is behind the boards on production. Being a fan of combining genres, he likes too use idie rock samples and experiment heavily with different chords and new sounds.

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