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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Trinidad James Sued For $5 Million

Trinidad James Sued For $5 Million
( 4UMF NEWS ) Trinidad James Sued For $5 Million:
Los Angeles — “Nobody’s that unattractive in real life” says head of HBO Independent productions and ‘Martin’ Creator Gerald Levin while watching viral video “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James.
After hearing about the 2 million dollar Def Jam Deal he signed Gerald decided it was time to put a stop to the Hip Hop parody known as Trinidad James.
“Gold chains, gold rings, and rotten teeth, that’s Jerome!! …Martin created that.” Gerald refuses to believe somebody would actually look like that on purpose and is convinced that James used the likeness of the ‘Jerome’ character to propel his rap career to new heights.
Gerald promises that after Trinidad James hears about the $5 million dollar lawsuit he facing, poppin’ a molly won’t be the only reason he’s sweating.
story: 4UMF
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  1. His raps aint worth the ink used to print a five dollar billlmao


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