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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Revenue featuring Stuey Rock "Every Girl"

Webster defines "revenue" as the total income produced by a given source.  Charlotte bred emcee Revenue is working relentlessly to ensure he's a solid investment that produced dividends for the Carolinas and hip-hop far into the future.

With a name like Revenue you'd expect a simple hedonistic flow, but the emcee's style goes beyond money, cars, and flashy clothes.  He's an artist with lyrics covered in the truth of his past.  No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, just real life.  It was his introduction to hip-hop that helped mold his authentic style.  Revenue recalls being exposed to hip-hop during the "Big Daddy Kane, cassette tape, and rap sessions on the black top era." I was about 13, maybe 14, years old when I caught myself actually trying to rap."  Watching boys from his neighborhood "jonesin'" on the back of the bus, rapping about the life he was living, Revenue realized he too had great stories to share and decided to join their daily cypher session. It wasn't long before he'd earned their respect, and become a crowd favorite.

Like so many, Hip Hop saved Revenue’s life, giving him a positive outlet for his creativity and deterrent to living a life of crime.  Up until deciding to pursue a career as a rapper, Revenue was on a path to destruction. “Some people may not take the things that I’m saying positively,” says Revenue, “but it’s more positive than the things I was doing.”  For Revenue, it’s not only about self. He has a love for his stomping ground, North & South Carolina, which motivates his drive to succeed and blaze a trail for others.  “There’s no reason that North Carolina and South Carolina not on. I want to open doors for the whole NC. I want to make enough noise for another artist to come out behind me, that will be my legacy.”

The success of previous projects has allowed the emcee to build a strong fan base , and offered the opportunities to open for acts such as 2 Chainz and Jim Jones.  As he promotes his latest mixtape project “Less Chat More Racks 3,” which features the street banger “Automatic” featuring Rocko, Revenue is constantly writing and recording.   The emcee will release both “H.U.G.O: How You Get Out VOL. 1,” a mixtape project, and “Tax Man,” an LP in 2013.

As Revenue continues to evolve as a talent, the sky is the limit.  From rapping on theback of the school bus with classmates, to now performing in sold out venues across his region, Revenue is proving to be an asset with steady growth, appreciating over time.

Revenue dropped off his new joint to HipHopStories the other day. "Every Girl"  features Stuey Rock check it out.

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