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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lil Kim Launches Her 12 Days of Christmas Contest Get In where You Fit In

Lil Kim-xmas-campaign-via-twitter

Lil Kim just launched her 12 Days Of Christmas contest via twitter. Tis is the season for giving and she plans to do just that to her special twitter followers, and you too once you hit the follow button, so go run tell dat. The giveaway contest started yesterday and Kim tweeted her very first gift….a pic never seen before (photo shopped of course) autographed with xoxo’s by no other than, you guessed it The Notorious Kim.
Kim has dropped Mr. Papers so she’s lonely in NYC, so keep her company via twitter for the holidays. What better way to get your twitter followers up by having a twitter contestant damn, I should have thought of that one. Desperately seeking Kim can you drop a half decent album on day eleven so you can have twitter razzled and dazzled on day 12. Can you pull that rabbit out your hat/weave?
Story: mediajuicejoint.com2-days-of-christmas-contest-get-in-where-you-fit-in/


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