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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rihanna Cops $300K Fine For Keeping Airport Staff Waiting During Her 777 Tour


RiRi is on a roll with her album Unapologetic album expected to debut at the top of the Billboard album charts. She’s getting the love and making money as well with her 7-nation 777 Tour; however, it’s not been all that pleasant for her entourage, yup 200 folks that she’s been towing with her that include label reps and journalists.
And if this wasn’t la di dah enough, the lady now has to fork out some real money, 300K dollars because she has been repeatedly tardy in boarding her plane.
According to a source “Every hour that goes by she has to pay for flight clearance on runways and also incurs costs of the private airport teams, customs, baggage handlers, and security,”

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