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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Juvenile Says Lil Wayne Scared To Leave Young Money

In a hard-hitting and reveal-all interview, rapper Juvenile has opened up and offer some interesting insight into how cold and hard the world of music production is.

The bottomline or the crux of all that Juvenile has got to say is that artists should get watertight and favorable contracts made when signing on to a label, because if they don’t they can kiss a lot of money good bye. Juvenile learnt it the hard way, well almost. He felt he needed more, so he asked the Young Money folks for more and an updated contract. In a moment of hubris the powers at the company turned him down. Ultimately, instead of the four million that he had asked for, Juvenile got eleven million!

Other artists signed to YMCM too have tried for better contracts, and have approached Juvenile to learn how he did it; and this includes YMCM’s most famous property, Lil Wayne. But if Juvenile is to be believed, the artist lets himself be eyeballed and subdued by the biggies there.



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