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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cassidy Thinks Meek Mill Is Bluffing About Wanting To Battle

Cassidy stopped by our VladTV studios to discuss the current situation brewing between him and Meek Mill. It's no secret, the trash talk being exchanged between the two rappers has been all over the Internet, as they each are trying to get the other to meet them in the battle ring.

However, Cassidy doesn't feel as though Meek is really trying to face off against him, but rather put on a front for his fans and elevate his stardom through all of the hype.

Cassidy explained how the talk about them potentially battling one another originated, and is certain that if he and Meek ever do face off, he is confident in his ability to put Meek in a lyrical body bag. As Cassidy said it, anyone in the industry would be dumb if they actually tried to battle him.

Story: VladTV

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