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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tupac Shakur - Unreleased Interviews - Audio

 Eleven unreleased 2Pac interviews from 1993-1995. Check this out Pac fans!
The ex-LA Times journalist, Chuck Phillips, has started a new website in which he’s posted a pair of never-before-heard 2Pac interviews. We joke about making history and being very legendary, but these are very historic and very legendary. The first takes place a week after ‘Pac got out of prison and was conducted at the infamous Death Row bivouac in the San Fernando Valley. Pac talks everything from C. Delores Tucker and Bob Dole to his prison sentence and his music, and why Tony Danza wrote him his favorite letter while incarcerated. Tony Danza is real hip-hop.
 The other interview took place via phone in 1993, in the aftermath that surrounded the Texas Highway Patrol killer who claimed that 2Pacalypse Now made him do it.

Courtesy of B.O.H.H.
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