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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stevie J Debunks Weezy Kiss Rumor!

(CelebNMusic247-News) Stevie J Debunks Weezy Kiss Rumor!

It didn’t take too long for Stevie J to jump on the video that leaked showing Stevie J and Lil Wayne kissing on stage in Miami the other night.
Now  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Stevie J is denying the kiss, saying that there’s a DJ in Miami also named Stevie J and that’s who Lil Wayne locked lips with at a Miami night club the other night.
Stebbie called into a morning radio show to defend himself telling The Morning Riot
“I leave kissing guys to them other guys.”
Then, Joseline chimed in too, to defend her man’s honor, after she’s been RANTING that Steebie was on the downlow.


  1. Joselinecracks me up prime example Ho's stay winning and excessively talking lol

  2. stevie's got his name out of it...wonder what wayne will say about this

  3. Joseline is such a rider! hahah Gotta luv her.

  4. Steebie you lockin lips now? Will the REAL Joseline please stand up!! GB

  5. with all her trash talking she still say "my Man"

  6. that dude know he gay she know it too just trying to keep what lil img he had. FAF

  7. Joseline needs to have several seats

  8. Stevie was talking wasnt him


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