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Friday, October 19, 2012

Is Tamar Braxton settling for Reality Star VS. Singing Star

Can Vincent Herbert create a mega singing star of wife Tamar (baby sister) of the already famous Tony Braxton?  Tamar already has a following but not as a result of singing, she is known for being a dramatic, in your face tell it like it is diva with several Catch phrases.."Get your life" and "Have Several Seats" along with referring to herself as "she", has made Tamar one of the favorites of the talented singing sisters, but we have yet to get an album! Has mega manager Vince Herbert decided to exploit his wife's antics a little more with a new reality show?
The show has tackled several rumors.
1. are they in love?
2.  is Tamar a gold digger?
3.  why don't they have any children?
4.  can Tamar really sing and stand alone? 

The Braxton Family Values ended season 3 without a family album hopefully Tamar will get an album or at least a great single!

Written by : Jadamone
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