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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Allen Iverson on his Iconic Signature Shoe -- "The Question"

Whether he was breaking ankles with his deadly crossover or putting up 40+ points in 5 straight games, Allen Iverson racked up a number of signature moments in the Reebok Question during his unforgettable rookie season.

In a one-on-one interview with Todd Krinsky, Head of Reebok Classics, Iverson talks about how it felt to see his signature shoe for the first time.

Reebok Classics brings back Allen Iverson's infamous "Crossover" shoe --The Question white/blue -- for a one-time drop on October 5th. For more check out @ReebokClassics...


  1. I have ALWAYS loved this man!!!

  2. October 5th i will be lacing my fresh pair. AI and his crazy ass gets much love from me.

  3. It's a shame Iverson was blackballed out of the NBA...


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