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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chi-Ali Released From Prison…

by Jacky Jasper Cash Money Set To Sign Freed Convicted Murderer? Chi-Ali is now a freeman, after serving a close to 12-year prison sentence. You may remember back in 2001, the former rapper was arrested after being on the lamb – after being featured on America’s Most Wanted twice that same year. That’s after investigators say Chi Ali Griffith fatally shot his then girlfriend’s brother, Sean Raymond, in January 2000. Griffith was ultimately charged and convicted of second degree murder. Here’s a letter Chi-Ali penned to F.E.D.S Magazine, back in 2003: “Dear Mr clark: in my professional life i am known as “chi ali” as you can see from my return address at the head of the letter, i am presently imprisoned in the clinton correctional facility annex. recently i had opportunity to read the article about myself, and others in the march (04) issue of the source. i write to see if you are interested in conducting an interview, i believe i may have some words to offer your readers that may be of interest. to bring you up to date i was convicted, upon a plea of guilty, of the crime of manslaughter in the first degree. as a result of that plea i was sentenced to a term of 14 years in prison i am presently serving that sentence and have approximately 8.5 years remaining to serve until my release. i have been contemplating writing an autobiography and addressing my experiences in coming of age in the music industry, how i entered the industry, what events led to my present loss of liberty, and my experiences with the criminal justice system. it is my belief that performing an interview with your magazine may help me to solidify some of my thoughts as to your readers concerning the industry and the system. thank you for your consideration of this matter. i hope to hear from you in the near future. Very truly yours, Chi Ali Griffith” I remember years ago, sitting at home on a Saturday night watching ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and seeing Chi Ali reported on the run. That’s not long before the “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A #” lyricist was apprehended. More recently, sources tell HSK they spotted Chi-Ali on the set with Fat Joe for Joe’s soon-to-be-released “Yellow Tape” music video. Now, word from the Bronx is talk of Cash Money Records’ plan to sign Chi-Ali. I don’t know for sure how true that is, but next time I speak with Drake’s ex-girlfriend, Kandice Henry, I’ll ask her. Source hiphopdx

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