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Saturday, September 29, 2012

15 Secret Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers!

15 Secret Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers!

1. JOIN - They offer FREE Twitter Followers to all of their members. #YourWelcome!
2. Tweet during peak Hours 8am - 7pm. Your late night tweets, really do you no good when everyone is half sleep.
3. Be Social. Talk to people, make Twitter friends, reply to other tweets and Retweet the good stuff!
4. Participate in #FollowFriday by recommending interesting people to follow (Not just your crew either - open it up)!
5. Ask your followers to #ReTweet. Spell out the word too, don't use #RT or RT. Your odds go up with spelling it out.
6. Use Hastags #!! Its a proven fact that you increase your Retweets when using 1 or 2 Hashtags in your Tweets!
7. Follow people back. Acting Hollywood on Twitter gets you nothing but a handful of followers and a deflated ego. The more people you follow, the more people will follow you back!
8. Set up your profile. Describe yourself, add a link (Preferably, and upload a nice picture.
9. Keep your Tweets Short and to the point. Long tweets don't get read. There is too much happening too fast on Twitter so don't write a book. Be short, sweet, and to the point!
10. Be consistent. If your going to tweet, TWEET! Logging on to Twitter once per week and sending one tweet is not going to cut it. Twitter is tough, you have to create value for your followers if you don't that one tweet you do send may get you unfollowed!
11. Share. Its crazy, but sharing the content from other websites, magazines, followers, etc. WILL GET YOU MORE FOLLOWERS. So the next time you read a cool article on - SHARE IT!
12. Promote your Twitter Name. If you are part of other social networks its important you let people know that #1 you do have a Twitter account, and #2 how they can find you. It keep can as simple as "Follow me on Twitter @RapHead!"
13. Ask Questions. Asking a question on Twitter is the easiest way to start a conversation and get noticed by other potential followers. Closed mouths don't get fed, so open up and feed yourself some new followers!
14. Invite your inner circle. The greatest chance you have in getting someone to follow you is the people you already have in your immediate network. Tweet to some of your closest friends and you will find yourself tweeting for days and getting new followers #AtTheSameDamnTime!
15. OH...and JOIN - They offer FREE Twitter Followers to all of their members. #YourWelcome!
Our friends over at are offering an exclusive service to all of their affiliate websites! If you follow Hip Hop and want to boost your Twitter Cred, they are extending their social network services to you for FREE! All you have to do is join the site and email and imply you want the Twitter PROMO!
The new followers you will gain are all Hip Hop Fans and are real people tweeting and actively using Twitter. You can work out the extent and duration of this service once you contact RapHead. If you want to earn some extra cash they can show you how to earn with Twitter too! RapHead is only extending this offer for another week so make sure you join and email ASAP!

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