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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Supreme Reaction’s Photographer: Clayton Ryan’s Photo Gallery and Biography

He always felt that he had a unique perspective of the world and a specific purpose in it. He feels everyone has a purpose in the world: “but sadly, not everyone sees it that way”.  He has always wanted to express his perspective in any kind of way and photography seemed like a great way to get his point across.
I also asked him if he felt that he was going to make photography a career of his. As of right now for him he felt that it was to early to say if he wanted to make it a career of his or not. He does enjoy it and does consider himself an artist  and he has always felt that he was going to express himself through some form of art. He feels that he has strong opinions that are always developing in a world that is always changing.
Clayton also said that “photo is a unique because it is so universal and, like all art, it has power to reveal truths and provoke thoughts that may have otherwise been overlooked”. Down below are photos of Clayton’s photos that he has developed over the years. You can also go to Clayton Ryan site by clicking on the link below.

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