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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coup Street Clothing: A Fresh New Flavor to Streetwear

Have you heard about a new clothing brand called Coup Street? Unless you’ve hit up L.A.’s downtown Art Walk or attended some L.A. based art festivals, you probably haven’t. But if you have had the pleasure of seeing this upcoming clothing company’s t-shirts, then you’d know these guys are bringing some new flavor to the popular street wear culture.
The theme of their brand is pigeons. The infamous, always hungry, inner-city bird, that to them symbolizes the everyday hustle. We caught up with the creators of Coup Street and asked them some questions.
Q: So what’s with the pigeons?
A: I’ve always been fascinated by pigeons. I enjoy feeding them and watching them hustle. I trip out when I think about how they survive and that each day is a completely new grind.  From one day to the next, they don’t know where their food is gonna to come from. It’s similar to a freelance artist like myself. Everyday I don’t know where my work is gonna come from. But these guys are like freelance eaters. Haha.
Q: Why the name Coup Street?
A: Our name is a play on the word coop as in pigeon coop, but we spell it c-o-u-p as in “Coup d’etat” which means a takeover. It’s when there’s an uprising. And in this case it’s the uprising of the pigeons, or all the hungry hustlers out there. But it’s really more than that, because we feel like a pigeons hustle goes unrecognized, so Coup Street is a symbol for that hard work and dedication that isn’t acknowledged.  In the end it’s all about respecting everyone’s hustle and dream of getting to the next level.
QCan you tell us a little about your shirts?
A: First off, all of our shirts are screen printed by us, by hand, and a lot of time and sweat goes into them.  But as far as our designs, I think they definitely have a lot of flavor in them.  Our artwork has many different inspirations. Whether it be Hiphop, graffiti, political, it’s all brought out in a very fresh, artistic and witty manner. And then with all that inspiration, we try to incorporate our pigeon theme, and most importantly, rep where we’re from.
QWhat’s up with the mannequins? I heard you guys have some crazy mannequins.
A: [Laughs] Ya, everyone talks about our mannequins and the masks. Everyone loves taking pictures with them. Sometimes people get freaked out, but we mostly get props. A lot of people have asked to buy them, but they aren’t for sale. But we are going to start selling the masks. Especially during Halloween, those ones will be crazy.
QWhat are you guys working on right now?
A: We’re really just trying to get exposure and get the name out there. Wherever we go, people are always telling us how dope our stuff is so we just have to get it into more stores and be at more events until we earn that validation. We’ve also been collaborating with some artists and will be releasing limited edition tees each month. Oh ya, and we’re also working on our own Coup Street cartoon called “Couped Up.” It’s about some pigeons that live in a pigeon coop in the hood and they’re trying to escape. It’s gonna be humor.
QIs there any shout outs you want to do?
A: For sure. We want to thank everyone that has supported us and will continue to support us. It’s just a matter of time before we blow up. And to all the brands out there, you better step your game up, because we’re coming for that number one spot. For more information on Coup Street, check them out or hit up their FACEBOOK PAGE.

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