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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marvin Shadi's Room: Frank Ocean 'Channel Orange' "Do I Care Who Frank Ocean's is F#%*√£¶

Editorial by Marvin Shadi Powers EIC I grew up in Savannah Georgia where black is the color blue on a normal hot day. I also grew up in Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ where black is the color red, green, yellow, mixed with vanilla swirls on any hot day in the summer. But I never had much use for orange. Orange was always a real fruity color to me and I was slightly homophobic so I stayed away from "fruity" anything. But then Prince came out and his color was purple. I loved his music, his style, and his color. I dressed like his counterpart, Morris Day, me and my whole crew. We were the talented bunch in high school who could sing, dance, dress, play ball and look good doing all of it. One of the homies in my crew was really into Prince and Michael Jackson and he had the whole mannerism down pack when it came to his imitations. And because I was always surrounded by a bevy of young girls all the time, always had the newest clothes and I could make a whole assembly laugh at any given moment, I was given a pass for wearing purple, loving Prince and The Time and being friends with a dude that acted, well, gay. You got to understand something about me. I love my friends. I will be there to the bitter end. So I fought all his battles when homies in the hood wanted to beat his ass just because it was rumored that he was, well, uh, gay. I never saw him kiss a dude or put a play on me. He had some of the baddest chicks coming over his house playing like they came to see his bad ass sisters but he always wound up banging them. He was a good dude, point blank period. And I didn't know who Prince was singing to when he made songs like Do Me Baby or some of his sexiest songs because he would sing them dressed in women's panties. He had the sickest perm or some damn good hair and looked better than some chicks at my high school(I guess I better say no homo)... I didn't care what he was because his talent was undeniable and now here we are fast foward to the future after Run and D made me put away my Stacey Adams and my purple suit for some Addidas, a Kangol and some Cazals, after niggas came out of Compton, after PE fought the power, after Biggie and Pac died, after Jay Z became the greatest rapper alive and after hip hop has become a complex world of traps, dirty sprite, kush and emotional creatures who sing about er thing from loving a stripper to once loving a man. Pause. Did he say he loved a man? Ok. Oh well. This dude Frank Ocean is the truth though. I'm playing his album while I'm writing this piece and I can't believe my ears. Monks is crazy! Crack Rock makes my ears bleed! And Pyramid is a masterpiece! And I don't care who Frank Ocean is f**king! This dude is gifted. Oh yea, I did rock a orange Polo shirt once.....(I guess I better say no homo) *****Please listen to "Pink Matter" after you had a glass of Merlot and sex with a bad ass chick, well, er, whatever gets you off! Turn off the lights on your way out....Marvin Shadi's Room Story:
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