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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Don't Like (Remix) [Drake Diss] - Chris Brown and Game

No subliminals this time. Chris Brown is openly dissing Drake.

Just over two weeks since the highly-publicized donnybrook between the two artists' entourages at New York City club W.i.P., Brown became the first to break silence about the situation, dissing Drizzy on an unofficial remix of the G.O.O.D. Music remix of Chief Keef's, "I Don't Like." The freestyle was released by DJ Orator randomly on Saturday afternoon (June 30).

After Game drops a verse in the beginning, promising his hometown Los Angeles Lakers will beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals next year, Breezy chimes in with laid-back fury.

"A fuck ni-a that's that shit I don't like," C. Breezy spits. "They throwing bottles, I'm throwing models, just cause I gave a bitch long pipe."

Of course, the "throwing bottles" reference was an insinuation that Drake's crew threw bottles at him and his entourage during the June 13 melee, Breezy even tweeting a picture of a nasty gash he suffered.

But although Breezy decided to diss Drake, he did show love to Young Money boss Lil Wayne and YM's Nicki Minaj.

"I be doing shows in soccer stadiums so that's dome right?," Brown continues spitting on the track. "I be singing, he be singing, so its on sight/But hold up, I ain't give a nigga no green light/This head up my bread up, one on one what you scared bruh?/Matter fact take care, bruh/You a pussy nigga...My nigga Tunechi, yeah that nigga nice/Shout out to Nicki, man that ass tight...Them eye brows, man them shits is yikes/OVO, you overdose screaming 'Y.O.L.O.,' no I lived twice."

There were no arrests made in the melee, which left several people wounded, including three women, Brown himself, his bodyguard and NBA All-Star Tony Parker, who announced a $20 million lawsuit last week, claiming a shard of glass injured his eye.-Shaheem Reid
I Don't Like (Remix) [Drake Diss] - Chris Brown and Game by user8019

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