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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rapper Andre 3000 To Play Jimi Hendrix in New Film

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Rumors swirled around Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin) over seven years ago about his potential role as Jimi Hendrix in a biopic about the legendary guitar player and singer. Now, at last, it finally appears as though he’s been cast in the role in a film that is currently in production in Ireland.

According to the report from IFTN (The Irish Film & Television Network), the film is called “All Is By My Side,” and will focus on Hendrix’s time in England from 1966 through 1967, as he recorded his debut album and created some of the best guitar music ever. The film is written and directed by John Ridley (“Three Kings” (1999) and“U-Turn” (1997)). It was during this time period that Hendrix was discovered by Keith Richards’ girlfriend (yes, the Rolling Stones guitarist) at a New York club. She ended up introducing him to Chas Chandler, the manager that brought Hendrix to London in 1966. It was there that he recorded his debut album, “Are You Experienced,” and had his first commercial success.
Andre 3000 is half of the hip-hop duo Outkast, whose hits have included “Ms Jackson” and “Hey Ya.” While he’s best known as a rapper, he has also had a limited acting career, including roles in “Idlewild” (2006) and a few guest appearances on the TV show “The Shield.” When he first discussed the role in 2004, Andre 3000 indicated that he probably wouldn’t play the guitar himself, leaving that to someone more familiar with Hendrix’s style:
“Jimi was wild onstage. Offstage, he was really calm. I won’t do my own guitar playing. It will probably be someone who knows Jimi’s style inside and out.”
Now, eight years later, Andre 3000 is a full nine years older than Hendrix was at the time of his death. Will this age difference cause a problem, or will he still be able to pull off the role? What do you think?

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