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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beastie Boys Face Copyright Lawsuit After Adam Yauch's Death

Talk about bad timing. Beastie Boys' member Adam Yauch died on Friday (May 4) after a long battle with cancer, and in the midst of tributes to the legendary performer, the group is now dealing with with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Music label Tuf America is suing the Beastie Boys, claiming that the group illegally sampled some of their music.
Reps at the label are accusing the Beastie Boys of illegally sampling Trouble Funk's "Drop The Bomb" and "Say What" on their early singles "Car Thief," "The New Style," "Hold It, Now Hit It" and "Shadrach," which appeared on their first two albums Licensed to Ill and Paul's Boutique.
AllHipHop reports that the lawsuit was filed on Thursday(May 3) just one day before Yauch passed away, also naming Capitol Records as a defendant. The company says that careful analysis has shown that the Beastie's incorporated elements of their copyrighted music into songs without permission. Tuf America is aiming to lock down a trial, which would determine if they are owed any damages.
Story: MTVRapFix

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