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Friday, April 27, 2012

Wiz Khalifa Responds To Kanye West's "Way Too Cold," Shares Views On Tupac Hologram

Fresh off of his appearance at Coachella, Wiz Khalifa stopped by Funkmaster Flex's radio show to discuss his take on Kanye West's "Way Too Cold." Khalifa shared that hearing his name on the track was surprising but that it was "positive." He also shared his views on the hologram of Tupac at Coachella, saying he doesn't need to see anymore holograms, adding that "Pac was enough."

When asked if he was shocked to hear his name on "Way Too Cold" ( West rhymes: "The whole industry wants to fuck your ex chick, Only nigga I got respect for is Wiz"), Khalifa said that he was surprised but added that it was "positive."

"Yes, because he said my name. I've gone a long time without anybody actually saying my name out loud like that. It wasn't a bad thing...It was wild but it wasn't noting negative. Everybody got positive from it. So, it's positive." Wiz also added that he's never met Kanye West before.

When the discussion turned to Coachella, Khalifa was asked for his opinion on the hologram.

"It was dope for me, just as a fan, seeing it and in respect to Pac and what he's done for the game, just to have his energy up there."

While Wiz maintained that seeing a holographic Tupac was "dope," he also added that he didn't need to see anymore.

"I'm straight," he noted. "Pac was enough."

Khalifa is currently wrapping up work for his next project "O.N.I.F.C.", which he announced will be released in August. Wiz released his single off of it, "Work Hard Play Hard" recently. He and his fiancee Amber Rose are also planning a wedding.

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