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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Andre 3000 Has No Plans To Appear In Music Videos

By Nadeska Alexis
It’s a well-known fact that landing an Andre 3000 feature is no easy feat—after years in the business, the OutKast rapper has earned the right to be selective—and even artists who are lucky enough to score a feature know that the deal doesn’t include a music video appearance. In a new interview with Fader, Andre explains that before he collaborates with an artist, it’s understood that he’s not signing on to do music video appearances. One of the most recent examples includes Beyonce’s hit single “Party,” which features an album verse from 3000, but a video feature from J. Cole instead.
“When I would get these calls from artists, I felt great about it. At the same time, I never wanted to tease people in a way where I’d be in the video and then they won’t see me for another ten years or anything,” Andre tells Fader. “So, you know, when I would talk to these artists and we’d agree that we’d do these songs, we would all be in agreement that it was just vocals. There was no visual or anything.”
This rule applies evenly across the board, from veterans like Beyonce to young stars like Drake. “Every artist I work with from Beyonce, from Young Jeezy and Jay-Z, from BoB, it was all understood before my first rhyme was written that there was going to be no videos. And I always felt like—you know, I haven’t been in even in a video with Big Boi—it’s kind of disrespectful of me if I can just jump in a video with a new artist and I haven’t even jumped in the video with my own partner. So I always said, I’m not going to fully jump back into it until I really do it. I’m not going to play around. If it’s not my project or an Outkast thing, or you know, if I’m supporting Big Boi, then it just didn’t make sense for me. It just didn’t feel right doing it. So it’s a loyalty to myself and trying to make sure I really wanted to be in the business again.”

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