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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 Nappy Roots on their new album. (Nappy.Org)

I have done a lot of interviews over the past few years with some of the most respected artist in Hip Hop. Each one is different, even the process of getting to the artist is different.  Some of them, I'm asked to meet at the hotel while others in the dressing room of the venue. The Nappy Roots interview was unique.

As I walked outside of the backstage door, I saw the group's white van with a man sitting in the passenger seat. The side door opened and another man told me to hop in.  I did.  Big V was the man in the passenger seat. He held a I-Pod in one hand and a voice from the back said "we want you to listen to the album".  As each song played, I noticed my head was bobbing harder and harder.  It was like that one CD that's in your car that you made last night.  You know, the one that you can play without hitting skip.
I was one of the few that heard this new album called Nappy.Org produced by Organized Noize.
Now it's showtime. 

Watch on Mobile Device or in HD here.
Album is set to be released on 9.27.11   Nappy.Org

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